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Not the Choice of the Left?

Joe Biden's choice of Kamala Harris as his running mate was hailed on Tuesday as a historic first for women of color, but some warn her record as a tough prosecutor could dent her appeal with two key constituencies - black voters and liberals

Progressives slam Biden for picking Kamala Harris Click Here for Details

Encouraging Lawlessness

Portland DA drops charges against hundreds of rioters Click Here for Details

Dumb Move?

University of Michigan will lose millions over decision to not play Football Click Here for Story

State Offers Corporations $593,913 On Average To Create A Single Job

New Mackinac Center study questions the return from corporate handouts

Speaker of Hypocrisy

Nancy Pelosi shows her total hypocrisy again Click Here for Story

Schools May Be Empty This Fall, But State Superintendent Says Send Money Anyway

Wants funding to be based on same student counts – even if there are no ‘live’ students

Top Globalist Thinks America First is Temporary

Soros confident Trump will be 'transitory phenomenon'

George Soros is working to relegate America to the dustbin of history Click Here for Story

Kamala’s Hypocrisy

Says she doesnt want America’s babies to be slaughtered yet fully supports unlimited abortion? Click Here for Story

Why Won’t the Media Report This?

North Carolina man shoots 5 year old child in the head Click Here for Details

How Much for the VP Spot?

Did the VP spot get bought? Click Here for Story

The Latest on Flynn Hearing

arguments heard again on dismissing case Click Here for Story

Mail in IS NOT Absentee Voting

 Mail-only v. Absentee Ballots: One of These Is Not Like the Other

Don’t let the MSM and liberals lie there is a BIG difference Click Here for Details

To BLM Only Certain Black Lives Matter

This 7 year old victim wanted to grow up to be a police man Click Here for Story

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