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Senator Peters Hiding from Big Debate Audience ?

John James, Gary Peters

Only agrees to debate on smaller TV venues Click Here for Details

BLM Backfire

Democrat support for Black Lives Matter and rioting is helping Trump Click Here for Story

Jobs Program Creates Jobs at Killer Cost

MBDP resources should go to higher priorities Read more

This Must Stop

Seattle Rioters try to kill police officers with arson Click Here for Details

Michigan Hospitals Less Full Than Nonpandemic Years

Keeping occupancy down one of the rationales of ongoing lockdowns

Out of Touch with Main Street

Wall Street is buying into the MSM nonsense of an alleged blue wave Click Here for Details


Bette Midler's Message for NYP Healthcare Heroes

Bette Midler slammed for her ignorance and intolerance towards FLOTUS Click Here for Details

Violence Begets Violence

Rioters and protesters getting killed in Kenosha Click Here for Story

Biden’s Folly

Attorney General of Kentucky Daniel Cameron addresses the Republican National Convention on August 25, 2020. (Photo by OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP via Getty Images)

Black voters are not a monolithic voting bloc Click Here for Details

Find the Agitators

Violence is being exported from city to city Click Here for Story

Still Can’t Accept Results

Hillary never accepted her loss and counsels Joe Biden not to either Click Here for Story

The Family Business? Corruption

Joe Biden Called Cory Booker. But Apologize? It's Not the Biden ...

Biden family is neck deep in corruption as the family business? Click Here for Story

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