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Seattle Re-asserts

Police clear CHOP zone ? Click Here for Story

New Corona Testing

New tests give results in 45 minutes Click Here for Details

Whitmer Will Make Call On Face Masks In Schools

Mask mandates will vary based on administration’s COVID-19 recovery judgment

BLM According to Leo Terrell

BLM is using blacks like the Democratic party does? Click Here for Story

State Supreme Court Sets Sept. 2 For Oral Arguments On Whitmer Emergency Powers

Read more

Put Yourself in Police Shoes

BLM activist takes police training and now understands much better what Police have to deal with Click Here for Story

Replacing Columbus Day

Federal Government looks to replace Columbus holiday with Juneteenth Holiday? Click Here for Story

The Most Liberal News Aggregate

Drudge went from conservative news site to liberal aggregator Click Here for Details

Good vs Evil

Justice Thomas vs Justice Roberts Click Here for Details

America Hater ?

Mark Cuban Tells CEOs to Examine Compensation, or Get 'Crushed ...

Mark Cuban ready to kneel is he just a pandering hypocrite or does he really loathe America? Click Here for Details

China’s Biggest Allies

Bernie Sanders Is Beating Joe Biden In the Race for Donations From ...

Hollywood and Joe Biden are made in in China Click Here for Story

Covid Stimulus 2

POTUS supports another round of Covid stimulus Click Here for Details

Losers Club

Mitt Romney leads the spineless Republicans Club Click Here for Details

A Harvard Education?

Liberal elite education is now just violent brainwashing? Click Here for Story

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