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The Next Political Fake

Democrats try to push Postal hoax Click Here for Story

About Those Polls…

IF polls are to be believed Trump is gaining ground on Biden Click Here for Details

Stores Could Be Committing Coronavirus Crime If Hand Sanitizer Less Than 60% Alcohol

Using ‘best efforts’ a defense but it’s not defined

Changing Camps

Never Trump RINOs speak at the Democrat convention Click Here for Details

Union Contracts Protect Bad Cops, Mayors’ Report Says

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The Democrat’s America


White driver beaten unconscious by BLM mob Click Here for Story

Covid Saliva Test?

FDA approves new saliva test for Covid Click Here for Story

Media Fanning Flames of Violence

MSNBC Guest Tiffany Cross: It Is Not White People's Place to ...

MSNBC is now openly pushing for street violence Click Here for Details

Why Are they Hiding Team Biden?

Sunday Show Blackout: Team Biden Fully Embraces 'Basement Strategy'

No questions and no Sunday show appearances for Team Biden? Click Here for Story

Close Minded College

Universities are no longer open for opinions and debate of ideas Click Here for Details

A Doubting Barack?

obama speaking at a podium with biden behind him listening

Does Barack Obama really believe Joe Biden can’t win? Click Here for Story

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