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Vaccine News

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Oxford vaccine trial looking extremely positive Click Here for Story

Not So Fast

SCOTUS doesn’t fast track access to Trump financials Click Here for Details

No Kanye for Michigan

Will not be on ballot Click Here for Story

Whitmer Not Following Her Own Rules On COVID-19 Reopening Plan

Executive orders continue to multiply

Democrat’s America?

Philadelphia Airport Baggage Claim Becomes War Zone - Live and ...

Expect more violence if Democrats continue or expand their control Click Here for Details

Defund Corporate Welfare Agency for Better Public Health

Higher taxes won’t be as effective at eliminating smoking habits

Covid Stimulus Round Two?

GOP looking to start discussions at $1 trillion to spend Click Here for Details

Nearly As Many Michigan COVID-19 Orders As Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana Combined

Some police here complain they can’t keep up

Death of New York?

Former Gov. George Pataki worries about the toll Democratic Party failures will take on the working class — instead of the rich who push those policies.

Former New York governor fears for the city of New York’s survival Click Here for Details

Epstein Related

Was attack on Federal Judge’s family related to court assignment? Click Here for Details

Dems Side with Non-Citizens Again

(Photo by Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images)

Rep Nadler wants to keep illegal aliens from being deported if they have Covid? Click Here for Details

Disney Goes with Full Mask Fascism?

Bans eating and drinking while walking through parks Click Here for Story

Speaking Truth

Black Christian Activist fights against the BLM narrative Click Here for Details

Civil Rights Attorney Speak Out

Leo Terrell speaks up on rioting and violence across the country Click Here for Story

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