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What Is Next for Grenell?

Former Ambassador has an upward trajectory? Click Here for Story

Back to School for U of M

In person classes for Fall 2020 Click Here for Details

Federal Judge Blasts Whitmer’s Lockdown Defense

Describes argument to keep gyms closed as not science but ‘trust us, they’re still dangerous’

Why Cops Quit

More Minneapolis police are leaving Click Here for Story

Get the Numbers Straight about School Finance

Complete picture, sound math debunk exaggerated talking points

Moving Left?

Far Leftists have big hopes for primaries Click Here for Details

Fear Mongering: Round Two?

Protests aren’t working so the left goes for more Covid fear mongering? Click Here for Details

Say No to Mob Rule

The call to "Defund the Police" is a popular slogan at Black Lives Matter rallies across the nation and at this one on June 19 in New York. (Photo by Ira L. Black/Corbis via Getty Images)

AG Barr says the US cannot allow mob rule Click Here for Details

Democrat Cheaters

George Conway and Democrats look to sabotage Trump Rallys because they can’t get voters excited for Joe Biden Click Here for Story

Americans Are Not Stupid

The left will not win in September? Click Here for Story

Bolton’s Questionable Win

So, We're Just Going to Gloss Over the Judge Trashing Bolton in Ruling Over his Book, Right?

Judge allowed Bolton book to go ahead but not before trashing him Click Here for Story

AOC vs Schumer?

ocasio cortez in a gray coat and mustard yellow top speaking outside in new york

Will Schumer get a primary opponent? Click Here for Details

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