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Lyin Biden

For months Joe Biden and the Democrats have ignored or supported violence in our cities and now want to blame Trump? Click Here for Story

Another Child Trafficking Bust

U.S. Marshals Rescue 25 Missing Children In Ohio

25 children rescued in Ohio Click Here for Story

Ann Arbor is Racist?

One of the most Liberal cities in America is racist according to area athletes? Click Here for Story

Whitmer’s ‘Enhanced’ Executive Order Penalties Appear Outside The Law And Constitution 

State sidestepping state of emergency law by pulling sanctions from a different law

Democrat Infighting

Massachusetts Senate race heats up with big political names Click Here for Details

CDC Adjusts Covid Death Numbers…Quietly

Only 6% of all reported Covid deaths were real deaths caused by Covid alone? Click Here for Details

Stopping Schiff’s Leaks

DNI Ratcliffe limits briefings because of deliberate leaks by Democrats Click Here for Story

Violent Cities Are Run by Democrats

Dems want to blame POTUS for their own failings Click Here for Details

Why No Arrest?

Portland murder suspect is 100% Antifa and still not arrested? Click Here for Story

Middle East History

US and Israeli officials make historic flight to UAE Click Here for Details

Biden’s Dirty Deal

Leo Terrell Blasts Biden For Having 'Made a Deal' With Violent Extremists

How have Democrats cooperated and supported the violence? Click Here for Story

Will Cuomo Be Held Accountable?

An independent investigation into Nursing home Covid deaths must be had Click Here for Story

Law and Order Matters

Trump gaining ground because of the violence Democrats are encouraging Click Here for Details

Russia To Aid Europe’s Last Dictator?

As Belarus citizens protest a suspect election Putin looks to aid Lukashenko Click Here for Story

Facts Matter

Kamala Harris Drops Out of 2020 Presidential Race

Kamala Harris can talk tough on rioters but her staff helped bail out those rioters Click Here for Story

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