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Dems Push for the Rich

Corona Virus relief being held up by pork that Democrats want Click Here for Details

Michigan Primary Results

Click Her for Info

UN Says Schools Must Open

UN chief warns of 'generational catastrophe' due to school closures worldwide

Generational damage if we don’t get children back to school Click Here for Story

Beirut Bombing?

Accidental explosion or something more? Click Here for Details

Cold Waters

Hot summer but Lake Michigan is really cold Click Here for Story

Michigan No. 7 In US In Permanent Restaurant Closures

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The Real Threat of Covid

Lockdowns are causing other death issues that outweigh Coronavirus Click Here for Story

Whitmer’s Been Busy; Does That Mean She’s ‘Winning’ The Epidemic?

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We Don’t Trust the MSM

Americans don’t trust the media and its getting worse Click Here for Story

County Health Official: Michigan’s Bars and Restaurants Are ‘Silly Things’

Yet they employ 1 out of 11 workers

How Democrats Will Ruin America

If they win in 2020 they will remove all opposition to their socialist agenda Click Here for Story

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