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Exec Order on Police Reform

POTUS signs executive order for policing reforms Click Here for Story

Bad News for Senator Peters

MI Poll: Only 19 Percent of Voters Say Sen. Peters Deserves a Second Term

New Michigan poll looks grim for incumbent Click Here for Details

Trump Rally to Change Venue?

Discussions on changing the Tulsa Rally location Click Here for Story

Whitmer Won’t Defund ‘All The Police,’ State Police Handle Her Emergency Communications 

Wants less law enforcement, criminal justice in budget

China 2nd Wave ?

Did they ever have it under control ? Click Here for Story

Cop Or Barber? Clipping Hair In Michigan Requires Three Times More Training

594 hours versus 1,800 hours

More CNN Bias

Former anchor says CNN required her to book only “the right kind of black guests”? Click Here for Story

Gorsuch’s Surprise Decision?

Conservative on SCOTUS have issue with newest Justice’s decision Click Here for Details

Big Rebound?

A woman in a clothing store in a medical mask because of a coronovirus. Quarantine is over, now you can go to the clothing store.

Trump economy seems to be powering through Covid and protests Click Here for Details

Destroying History

Rioters and protesters want to destroy and abolish history Click Here for Story

Election Fraud

Mail in balloting is ripe for abuse Click Here for Details

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