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Yes There IS Voter Fraud

1000 Georgia residents face charges for double voting Click Here for Details

Disabled Veteran Speaks Out Against The Left

Retired Army Staff Sergeant Bobby Henline tells Democrats to stop using his image to besmirch Donald Trump Click Here for Story

Bring Back the Big 10?

Michigan Republicans ask Big 10 to reconsider fall football Click Here for Story

$600 Weekly Fed Unemployment Boost Also Boosted Michigan Income Tax Collections

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Dangerous Democrats

Man harasses and attacks people attending funeral for murdered Trump supporter Click Here for Story

Southfield Schools: Too Dangerous To Teach Classes, But Do Send Kids For $150 Per Week Daycare

Its Happening

Kudlow: Recovery not dependent on COVID-19 relief, but it would help

Recovery happening with or without another Covid stimulus ?Click Here for Details

Supporting China

Its not just Democrats who love China its Disney too? Click Here for Story

Go Figure

Democrats now playing politics with possible vaccine? Click Here for Details

Take That Nancy

Protesters hit Pelosi hard on her hair appointment faux pas Click Here for Story

Hit Piece Failure

The Atlantic went way too far with a fraudulent anti-Trump article Click Here for Details

Committed to the Win

POTUS says He’ll put in his own money if he has to Click Here for Story

The Real Kamala

Remember when Kamala Harris compared ICE to the KKK? Click Here for Details


Former Whitehouse stenographer says Joe Biden’s mental acuity IS failing Click Here for Story

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