Conservative News Saturday September 26, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

POTUS Was Right Again

Newly released FBI Texts show more corruption and attempt to hurt the Trump Administration Click Here for Details

Appeasement Doesn’t Work

Senator Collins finds that agreeing with Democrats doesn’t buy her votes Click Here for Story

No Michigan in Person University Classes?

Michigan State and U of M wont go back to in person classes until fall of 2021? Click Here for Story

Corporate Subsidy Agency Claims Giving 18 Firms Average $321 Per Job Saved Those Jobs

Wray is Wrong

Mark Meadows Disagrees with FBI Director Wray Click Here for Story

State Health Department Halloween Advisory: Trick Or Treat With Household Members

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Demons of the New World Order?

Archbishop says the President is fighting demonic forces? Click Here for Details

The Truth About Healthcare

Better prices and more choices is what the Trump Admin has brought to the table Click Here for Details

The Democrat Steal


7 steps Democrats will use to steal the election? Click Here for Story

Governor Recalls

California’s Newsome is getting plenty of attention from the recall minded Click Here for Story


Is FBI Director Christopher Wray About to Be Fired?

Will Deep State Wray be fired as FBI Director? Click Here for Details

Races Tightening

Biden alleged lead is slipping away Click Here for Story

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