Conservative News Sunday September 20, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

To Appoint or Not to Appoint?

Upcoming election could be a Supreme Court Issue Click Here for Details

Who Controls Fox?

Soros does have big influence at Fox News Click Here for Story

Law’s ‘Immediate Danger’ Justifies Ongoing Emergency, But Not Cancelling Casinos Or Football

Democrats and Pelosi Protecting China

Why Are Democrats putting China over America? Click Here for Details

Stopping Whitmer

Petition drive surpasses necessary signatures? Click Here for Details

Why the SCOTUS Seat Must be Filled

Ted Cruz explains Click Here for Details

Weak Joe

Joe Biden is sick and has dementia. On The View & coughing into his hand on  Jake Tapper's CNN show - YouTube

Biden takes a day off at unusual time Click Here for story

Mitch Says There Will be A Vote

But does he have enough votes for confirmation ? Click Here for Details

The Nominee List

Who could fill Ginsburg’s seat? Click Here for Story

Democrats Will Pack The SCOTUS?

IF they win in November they wil make the Supreme Court forever Click Here for Details

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