Conservative News Wednesday September 30, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Debate

Fiery debate but was there a clear winner? Click Here for Story

Stay Close

These Senators Need POTUS to get re-elected? Click Here for Story

AG Dana Nessel Stall Tactic?

Wants to investigate signatures on petition that would stop Governor Whitmer’s power grab Click Here for Details

WSJ Reports Most COVID-19 Fatalities Lack Life Insurance

Most of the fatalities are older people where coverage is no longer practical

Baseless Rhetoric

Democrat Senator can’t explain his accusation that ACB nomination is illegitimate Click Here for Details

More Problems for Ilhan Omar

Latest Project Veritas shows blatant voter fraud from Omar allies Click Here for Story


Schumer won't meet with Trump's Supreme Court pick

Senator Schumer won’t meet with SCOTUS nominee Click Here for Story

What Happened to Brad Parscale?

Body cam footage only makes the story more odd Click Here for Details

Yet Another Gaffe

(Screen Capture)

Joe Biden says he got to the Senate 180 years ago? Click Here for Story

“Trump Doctrine”

A third nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize was just given to POTUS Click Here for Details and Video

Bad Schooling

Seattle’s liberal schools are teaching the worst of behaviors Click Here for Story

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