Friday April 12, 2019

Assange Arrested

Ecuador stops harboring Julian Assange and arrange for his arrest Click Here for Details

Pelosi: Dems Aren’t Split

They are moving toward radical socialism Click Here for Story

Collective Bargaining Does Not Equality Make

UAW claims of equal pay are unfounded

Tax Sales Boost County Budgets, But Do They Violate Owners’ Rights?

Counties sell properties and keep entire amount, though taxes owed may be less

Spewer of Hate

Image result for ilhan omar Rep Ilhan Omar continues to degrade America Click Here for Story and Video

The Price of Medicare for All

Will shrink economy  Click Here for Details

Trump Economy

Lowest unemployment in 50 Years Click Here for Story

They Did Spy on Trump Campaign

Every American should now worry about our government Click Here for Details

Brexit Delayed

When and why? Click Here for Details

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