Friday April 19, 2019

Good Friday

The Full Mueller Report

See released report in its entirety Click Here for Details

Media Still Trying to Spin the No Collusion No Obstruction Story

MSM and liberals just can’t believe their lie failed Click Here for Details

Michigan’s Hemp Program

What’s in the works for hemp growing season Click Here for Story

Will Troy’s Crackdown On Distracted Driving Spread?

City tickets drivers talking on handheld cellphone

Consultant: Green Jobs A ‘Lobbying Effort,’ Not Real Data

Activists claim 240,000 solar jobs, federal data indicates 3,295

Border Emergency Deepens

Arizona city declares state of emergency over illegals release Click Here for Story

Defending Yourself IS NOT Obstruction

Lessons from the Mueller Report Click Here for Details

POTUS Refused to Assert Executive Privilege

How could there be obstruction when POTUS never stopped anything? Click Here for Details

Dems Have Nothing

Even Napolitano change his tune Click Here for Details

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