Friday April 21, 2017

Terror Hits France Again

Police: At least one police officer dead, two injured following incident in ParisAnother Islamic terror attack kills 1 Paris cop wounds another Click Here for Story

House Cleaning Time

EPA begins task of weeding out Obama’s folks? Click Here for Details

Flying Cars?

Are Americans AND Technology ready? Click Here for Story

Criminal Justice Reforms Signed Into Law, More Left to Do

  A set of 18 bills recently signed into law will improve public safety and put Michigan on the track to administer criminal justice more efficiently, but there is still more work to do.  … more

Government Shutdown or Obamacare?

Trump wants to get both done Click Here for Story and Video

This is Socialism

Venezuela seizes GM factory Click Here for Details and Video

Charging Assange?

Will Feds charge Julian Assange? Click Here for Story and Video

Will Latest French Terror affect Election?

 Days before election another terror hit could have big consequences Click Here for Details

Obama Behind Townhall Disruptions

Unprecedented trouble making by an ex-President Click Here for Story

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