Friday April 27, 2018

Cowardly Republicans?

Senate committee votes to protect the Mueller witch hunt Click Here for Story and Video

Unity Bridge

Local man Stumping for Trump Click Here for Details

Michigan Economy Rebounds, But Medicaid Enrollment Soars

 The total number of Michigan residents receiving either food stamps or Medicaid assistance increased by over a half-million people between February 2009 and February 2018.  … more

For Crying Out Loud…

Safe spaces on college campus reaches new high in stupidity Click Here for Story

Democrat Hit Job

VA nominee Adm. Ronny Jackson gets smeared by Democrats Click Here for Details and Video

Do WE Have a Border or Not?

Caravan of illegals set to cross into USA Click Here for Story

Sickening: UK Courts Killing Children

UK courts ready to kill another British child by denying parents to move child for better medical care Click Here for Story

Trump Economy

Unemployment levels drop to lowest since 1969? Click Here for Details

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