Friday April 28, 2017

Chaffetz Leaving Congress

Its not what you think Click Here for Story  and Video

Understanding Today’s Legislature

No they don’t make laws they sell them? Click Here for Details

Sanctuary County?

Washtenaw giving IDs to absolutely anyone including illegals? Click Here for Details

Net Domestic Migration by County

  People move for a lot of reasons: for family, health and retirement among others. Finding economic opportunity is an important driver and one that is encouraged by state and local policy. … more


It Would Take 600 Wind Turbines to Replace One Closing U.P. Coal Plant

   The coal-fired Presque Isle Power Plant is scheduled to be shut down by 2020 if regulators approve. It would take about 600 wind turbines to replace it. … more

Simplifying Your Taxes

Trump tax plan could be good for average Americans Click Here for Details

The End of Fox News

Sean Hannity issues dire warning about the 'total end' of Fox News  What are the Murdoch kids doing to a once great station? Click Here for Story

FGM Worse than Thought

Healthcare workers not required to report Female genital mutilation? Click Here for Story

Art of The Deal?

NAFTA may get renegotiated as Canada and Mexico ask for negotiations Click Here for Details and Video

Tech Boom?

Stocks soar due to tech sector? Click Here for Story

Uh Oh Bernie

FBI probes defunct college that Senator Sander’s wife was President of Click Here for Details

Mexico Ready to Fight the Wall?

  Assembles legal battle team Click Here for Story

Time to Cut Berkley Funding

Feds should not support universities that stifle free speech Click Here for Story and Video


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