Friday April 29, 2016

Things to do in Michigan

Spring is a good time to get outside in Michigan Click Here for Details

Trump’s 2nd Amendment Stance

Details emerge Click Here for Story

West Virginia Right-to-Work May Turn on Supreme Court Race

    A May 10 election in West Virginia could leave the state’s new right-to-work law in peril.  … more

Panic Over: Number of School District in Deficit Plummets

  The state Department of Education reports that the number of Michigan school districts expected to finish the current school year with a budget deficit may be the lowest in nine years. … more

Whoa!  Boehner Says What?

 Former speaker lashes out at Ted Cruz Click Here for Details and Video

ESPN Racists

Schilling outs what he feels are severe racists at the sports network Click Here for Story

Bernie is Big

Even if he gets scammed from the election he has built a movement Click Here for Details and Video

Yes Trump Can Beat Hillary

Pundits have been wrong all along and will probably continue to be wrong Click Here for Story

The Cruz Fiorina Connection

Why did a Cruz PAC make a half million $ donation to Fiorina campaign last year? Click Here for Details


Trump may garner the most primary GOP votes in history Click Here for Story

The Obama Economy

 Economic figures aren’t so good Click Here for Details

Plan to Stop Trump is Backfiring?

The people of Indiana don’t seem to like Cruz/Kasich political games Click Here for Story and Video

Liberty University Goes Pro Gun

Concealed carry allowed for those with permits Click Here for Details

The Globalists?

Cruz and Fiorina Ty Wright Getty By picking Fiorina is Cruz showing his Globalist roots? Click Here for Story


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