Friday April 3, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Stay At Home Orders Strengthened in Michigan

Coronavirus Fines as high as $1000 are instituted Click Here for Story

Corona Testing Flawed

Some believe 30% of test results showing negative could be wrong? Click Here for Details

Michigan Will Not Re-open for this School Year

Governor orders schools to stay closed Click Here for Story

Nessel: Offering Unavailable Masks At $2.39 Legal; Offering Them At $9.95 A Crime

‘Price gouging’ a politician’s word; going from shortages to no product at any price

Odd Attack

California man tries to ram US Medical ship Mercy with a train locomotive Click Here for Details

The Safety Net Already There: Unemployment Insurance

Funded in good times and there in the bad

Unemployment Skyrockets

Layoffs from Corona Virus shutdown blow unemployment claims through the roof Click Here for Details

Bad Actor

After infecting the world with Corona virus China gets militarily aggressive with its South Seas neighbors Click Here for Details

Biden Loves His Illegals

Putting illegals on a path to citizenship to the detriment of US Citizens? Click Here for Details

The Fear Mongerer?

 Chris Cuomo tells his Covid 19 experience but is he hyping it for personal gain? Click Here for Story

Trump Was Right Again

The US needs to bring manufacturing of many more necessities home Click Here for Story

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