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Epstein bodyguard says Epstein got help in killing himself Click Here for Details

Not Welcome

Michigan’s Anti-Semite Congresswoman barred from visiting Israel Click Here for Story

Timing Of School Election Comes Under Fire

‘For me, it was a very expensive civics lesson,’ retired teacher says of tax hike election

Moronic Mayor

Philadelphia Mayor wants to punish law abiding gun owners because a criminal attacked police Click Here for Story

Clinton in Drag

The painting of Bill Clinton, which was displayed inside Jeffrey Epstein's New York home A strange twist on Epstein story Click Here for Story

Hiding the GaffeMaster

Team Biden looks to scale back appearances to limit damage? Click Here for Details

More Like Strangled?

Epstein autopsy reveals broken bones in neck more akin to strangulation than hanging Click Here for Details  See the Inconsistencies in the Epstein death Click Here for Information

Calling Gun Control Freedom?

 Booker like all the Dems wants to control you and it begins with removing your guns Click Here for Details

What About the Warden?

Who was in control of the facility where Epstein was killed? Click Here for Details

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