Friday August 17, 2018

Activists Judges At It Again

Court orders Trump Admin to reinstate Obama era regulation Click Here for Details

Aretha Franklin Dead at 76

Queen of Soul leaves a legacy of music Click Here for Story

Subsidies For A Few And Tax Hikes For The Rest Worked Poorly Here

All the former governor’s selective corporate handouts couldn’t overcome her huge tax hike or the Great Recession

Chicago Has Had Enough?

Pastor wants to block roads to Chicago O’Hare Airport on Labor Day? Click Here for Details

Hmmm Odd Questions from Manafort Tax Evasion Jury

What will the verdict be? Click Here for Story

Twitter Bias

Yes the censorship and shadow banning is real Click Here for Details

LA Times Stands Alone?

Will not participate in the Biased Anti-Trump rhetoric that nationwide papers are spewing? Click Here for Story

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