Friday August 31, 2018

Enemy of the People

POTUS pushes back against fake news media Click Here for Story

Teacher Of The Year’s District Plays Games With Merit Pay

Without performance-based compensation, the state’s best get no more than the rest

School Boards Routinely Violate Merit Pay Law

Obama offered states grants to innovate, merit pay was Granholm’s response

Pope Needs Lawyer?

Illinois priest: Cupich’s comments ‘disturbing;’ pope sounds like he’s preparing to ‘lawyer up’Will heat in the Catholic Church lead to problems for the Pope? Click Here for Details

Lost Cause?

2020 Dems jockey for position before midterm electionsWho can the Dems put up for 2020 Presidential run? Click Here for Story

Bitter to the End…

Image result for mccain palin  Palin not invited to McCain funeral Click Here for Details

Pay No Attention to GDP?

Senator Schumer looks to deny an improving economy Click Here for Story



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