Friday December 1, 2017

Breaking News: Illegal Gets Away with Murder

Illegal Immigrant and Killer of Kate Steinle found not guilty Click Here for Story and Video

McCain May Support Tax Bill

It may include end to Obamacare mandate Click Here for Story

Why did the Governor Flip Flop on Corporate Welfare?

  Gov. Snyder’s support of legislation this year to provide taxpayer subsidies to a billionaire real estate developer (and others) and to large corporations has compelled me to ask “Why?” in a very public way. … more

Let It Rip!

Dow tops 24,000 as promise of Tax Reform surges Click Here for Details and Video

Update: D.C.’s Tax Reform Sausage Making May Still Work Out

  In a previous blog post I reported details of the GOP federal tax reform plan — with some commentary — a few hours after Capitol Hill leaders announced the details. Much has happened since then, including a new analysis by the Washington, D.C.-based Tax Foundation. … more

Pelosi The Flip Flopper

Pelosi changes tune, says Conyers should resign amid sexual harassment allegationsHouse Minority Leader says Conyers must resign Click Here for Details

Will Tillerson Be Out at State Dept?

Rumors of Tillerson being replaced Click Here for Story

Apologies Are Cheap

Matt Lauer apologizes for his conduct Click Here for Details

Radio Problems

Cumulus Radio files Chapter 11 Click Here for Story

Tax Bill This Close?

  McConnell says yes its close Click Here for Details


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