Friday December 21, 2018

House Turns Around

Passes CR Bill WITH Border Wall Funding Click Here for Story and Video

Standing Our Ground

POTUS stands with Americans and will veto any bill without Border Security Click Here for Details


Guess What FBI Employees Think About James Comey? Click Here for Story

Big Enrollment Decline + Small Staff Decline = Stagnant Teacher Salaries

Downsizing is hard, but failing to do so after big enrollment declines is harder

Privately Fund the Wall

US Veteran raising big bucks to build the wall Click Here for Details and Here for More Info

Thank You Sir

General Mattis leaves Trump Admin Click Here for Story

Mexico Border Deal

Kirstjen NielsenAsylum seekers will now stay in Mexico while they request Asylum Click Here for Story

Stocks Still in Reverse

Is it the Federal reserve or Democrat take over that’s driving down stocks? Click Here for Details

Who Did Russians Really Target?

It wasn’t your average conservative Click Here for Story

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