Friday December 28, 2019

Another Police Officer Killed

Manhunt underway for illegal immigrant in death of police officer Click Here for Story and Video

Why No DACA for Wall Deal?

Blame the courts and Dems Click Here for Story

Michigan’s New Governor Names Cabinet

Incoming Governor preps for takeover in 2019 Click Here for Details

U-M Gets A ‘C’ From Civil Rights Watchdog On Due Process

Report from FIRE examines policies governing student misconduct

Legislature Forbids Local Governments From Creating Needless Licensing Requirements 

More people will be able to freely work across the state

The Father’s Fault

Father of second child to die at border denied treatment for the child Click Here for Details

Anti-Gunner for President?

Bloomberg ready to spend big time on a 2020 run?  Click Here for Story

China Attacking Christians?

260 Christians seized by Chinese government Click Here for Details

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