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Playing Politics for the Election

Image result for pelosi Dem controlled House will revive ERA bill…because its an election year? Click Here for Details

Analyses Critical Of Michigan School Funding Ignore Almost 20% Of Detroit Operations Money

Reports disregard the revenue source that boosts funding for poor communities over wealthy ones


Image result for bernie and aoc Bernie Sanders and AOC want to stop fracking and drive your energy costs through the roof Click Here for Details

Governor’s Budget Proposal Revisits Pure Michigan, Other Industry Welfare

There is no need to raise corporate welfare spending

Self Cleaning

Image result for jessie liu us attorney Obama holdover  resigns from Treasury Department ? Click Here for Details

Coronavirus Origin?

The newly renamed Covid-19 virus might have a very different origin than thought Click Here for Story

US Military Preps Just in Case

The US is making plans to combat a possible pandemic Click Here for Details

Americans See Through the Media Lies

Poll shows Americans crediting POTUS for the good economy Click Here for Story

YouTube Censoring

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., responds to reporters at the Capitol after he threatened to reveal the name of the Ukraine whistleblower who helped initiate the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump by providing details of Trump's call with the Ukrainian president, in Washington, Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2019. (AP Photo/J. Scott …YouTube censors Senator Rand Paul Speech Click Here for Story

Democrats Are the Money Players

How the Dem nomination is being bought? Click Here for Details

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