Friday February 21, 2014

Buying Some More

U of M gets go ahead to buy more property in Ann Arbor Click Here for Details

Brighton DDA Dispute

Board member resigns over theater plans Click Here for Story

Districts Asking for More Money Already Getting It

Mismanagement, not funding, deserves scrutiny

By Audrey Spalding |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Though state spending on public education has increased in recent years, and though the governor recently proposed a further increase, the money isn’t enough for some school officials. … more

Expert: Consumers Energy Trying To ‘Muddle’ Wind Turbine Noise Solution

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

A plan to address excessive noise issues at a Northern Michigan wind plant won’t work, a noise expert said. Additionally, he said he thinks Consumers Energy, which has offered the plan, knows it won’t work. … more

Foot Dragging

  Obama defends paralysis of analysis on Keystone Click Here for Details

Feds Want Information Ministers

FCC is contemplating putting representatives in newsrooms Click Here for Story

GOP Targets Excessive Regulations

Reducing red tape and costs to businesses Click Here for Details

Ukraine Truce Falls Apart

   Violence continues in Kiev Click Here for Story

Splitting California

Proposal gets another foot forward Click Here for Details

The Outernet

   Company plans to have satellites provide unfettered internet Click Here for Story

Tennessee Shows the Need for Secret Ballots

Workers defeated unionization despite odds being stacked against them Click Here for Details

From the Science Side

Reuters/Eric Gaillard    Living Drug seems to be working Click Here for Story

Homeland Security Bows to Illegal Immigrant Supporters

  Obeys ACLU demands? Click Here for Details

Teacher’s Union President Slams Common Core Rollout

Another Obama bungling Click Here for Story

Farmer’s Almanac More Accurate Than Climate Scientists

  No global warming expected by the Almanac Click Here for Details



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