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The Feds two tier Justice system is not fair Click Here for Details

Michigan Teacher Pay Complicated Enough To Spin Many Narratives

Taxpayers ask a lot, pay a lot putting a teacher in front of a classroom

More Talk, Less Action for Troubled School Districts?

Whitmer’s budget encourages creation of more committees

Lying Bernie?

He’s not a soft socialist he’s a Fidel Click Here for Details

Forever Chemicals

EPA will regulate 'forever chemicals' in drinking waterEPA will now regulate PFAS and similar chemicals contaiminating our drinking water Click Here for Story

Blue Flu?

Conservatives seek secession from Democrat Controlled States Click Here for Story

Bernie and the Ayatollahs

Iranian leader using Bernie Sanders talking points Click Here for Details

Insulting Americans

John Brennan calls Trump supporters debased? Click Here for Story and Video

Islam and Slavery

How does sexual slavery fit into Islam? Click Here for Details


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