Friday February 22, 2019 The Daily Drift

Completely Out of Touch

After 8 years of no growth under Obama Democrats attack the Trump high growth economy Click Here for Details

Rule Breaker

AOC campaign may have broken election laws? Click Here for Story

Respected Michigan Research Group Finds School Spending Up Since 1995

Citizens Research Council paints very different picture than recent MSU report

State of the System

Criminal justice reforms should be made a priority

Where Do The Democrats Stand on Socialism?

New Green Deal vote will force Dems to choose their path Click Here for Details

The Hate Hoax

This Feb. 21, 2019 booking photo released by Chicago Police Department shows Jussie Smollett. Police say the Smollett faked his hate attack and blamed MAGA folks because he was unhappy with his own salary? Click Here for Details

Calling Out the Hoax Supporters

Chicago Police Chief blasts politicians, media and others for supporting Smollett Click Here for Story and Video

Suing Fake News

  Covington Kids sue Washington Post Click Here for Details

NOT Peaceful Migrants

UntitledThis invasion IS violent and its coming to America Click Here for Story and Video

The Progressive  Blacklist

How liberal progressivism is destroying America Click Here for Details



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