Friday February 28, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Flat Out Lies

Mike Bloomberg (Joe Raedle / Getty)Democrats lying as they hope for recession or pandemic to oust POTUS Click Here for Story

State IS Very Deep

Devin Nunes says the Deep State is real and bigger than we think Click Here for Details


Michigan Senate rejecting Governor Whitmer’s anti-gun appointees Click Here for Story

Fiat Chrysler And Ford To Get $131M From Michigan Taxpayers; Earned $26.4 Billion Last Three Years

That subsidy program expired in 2019, but GOP lawmaker trying to bring it back

Blocking Bernie

Democrat leaders will block Sanders nomination? Click Here for Story

VP Pence Will Head Up Coronavirus Project

US ramps up in preparation for Coronavirus Click Here for Details


Can people get the coronavirus twice? Click Here for Story

Doing Something Right?

US has least amount of Coronavirus infection per capita Click Here for Details

Panic is What Dems Want

Stock Market tanking on as yet unsubstantiated fears? Click Here for Story

Court Victory

Trump Admin wins again in court Click Here for Details


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