Friday February 3, 2017

The Intolerant Left

A portable light unit burns after demonstrations forced the cancellation of a talk by right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos. Photo: Scott Strazzante, The ChronicleLeftists shut down speech, assault speech goers and vandalize property Click Here for Story and Video

President Defends Against ALL Bad Deals

President very disappointed in refugee deal Obama struck with Australia Click Here for Details and Video

Woody Says 6 More Weeks…

Michigan’s woodchuck also says 6 weeks left of winter Click Here for Story

Real Economy Creates 81 Jobs For Every 1 Promised by Business Subsidy Program

  Taxpayers shouldn’t forget that Michigan pays out hundreds of millions of dollars to favored firms. … more

‘Unregulated’ Charter Schools? 13 Things You Did Not Know

 Michigan charter schools are among the most regulated schools in the country, according to the Michigan Association of Public School Academies. … more

Let Me Show You Unpredictable

Former CIA analyst says Iran needs to be second guessing itself since Trump took power Click Here for Details

Cut Berkley Funding?

Failure to ensure free speech could cost University of California Berkley Click Here for Story

Tillerson Takes Control

  State Department now has a new boss Click Here for Details

The Left Too Far?

Calling for Coups against the duly elected President? Click Here for Story

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