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Airliner was Shot Down by Iran?

Click reports saying Ukraine passenger was attacked? Click Here for Details

Motorists Still Paying For Engler And Granholm’s Road Debt

Payments on those bonds use transportation tax dollars that would otherwise go to fix today’s roads

Back Channels

Iran sent 3 messages to tell the US missile strikes were done Click Here for Details

Democratic Minority Voters Overwhelmingly Favor School Choice

Don’t downplay party’s racial divide on charter schools

China May Have to Wait?

POTUS says he may wait on China deal phase 2 until after election Click Here for Story

Laser Sword?

Artistic depiction of how innovative laser defense system would function on the battle field (photo credit: Courtesy) Israel unveils new laser defense technology Click Here for Story

House Democrats Want to Weaken the US

Put limits on POTUS powers to deal with Iran Click Here for Story

Not Satisfied

Republican Sens. Rand Paul and Mike Lee discuss the separation of powers following a military briefing on Iran. (Photo: Screen capture) Two Senate Republicans want better answers from Admin on Soleimani attack justification Click Here for Details

CNN Runs Congress

Pelosi got her idea to withhold the impeachment article from CNN ? Click Here for Story

Control Freaks

Democrat candidates looking to control every aspect of your life using the save the planet scam Click Here for Details

Fast Food, High Salaries?

You won’t believe how much you can make at Taco Bell? Click Here for Story and Video

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