Friday January 11, 2019

Senate Democrats Refuse to Work

Obstructing wall funding, border security and now all business coming to Senate Click Here for Details

Average State Employee Takes 27.3 Paid Days Off Each Year

17.1 days is paid leave and the rest is sick time

State Housing Loan Agency Will Change Unconstitutional Quota Mandate

Agencies shall not ‘discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to’ specified groups

Common Sense from Native Americans

Native Americans give their take on use of Indian names and cultural appropriation Click Here for Story and Video

National Emergency?

Will the President make the declaration? Click Here for Story

Liberal Disgrace

 Liberal ignores and insults victims on live TV Click Here for Details

Democrats Against Americans

  Speaker Pelosi threatens if POTUS uses National Emergency to protect America’s borders Click Here for Details

Democrats Faltering?

Can Pelosi and Schumer keep Dems together on wall stance? Click Here for Details

CNN Supporting Wall?

CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo is defending the funding of the wall? Click Here for Story and Video

Even Cher Says Fund the Border Wall

Hollywood liberal tells Pelosi to give POTUS his wall funding Click Here for Details


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