Friday January 17, 2014

Beware of Slippery Commute

Roads may be dicey come morning Click Here for Details

Pay Hikes in Putnam?

Residents not happy pay increases Click Here for Story

Reality Check: Michigan Public Schools Getting More Money For Fewer Students

State spending up $800 million, student enrollment down 2.4 percent

By Tom Gantert Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

According to the Senate Fiscal Agency, K-12 public education has received hundreds of millions of dollars more the past few years despite there being a drop in the number of students the past three years. Yet, prominent Democrats and some in the media keep claiming education funding has gone down. … more

Commentary: Don’t Bail Out Detroit with State Tax Dollars

It would be unfair to taxpayers statewide

By Michael D. LaFaive | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

A state bailout of Detroit is a terrible idea. It creates moral hazard and adds to the overly generous financial support the city has for years received from state taxpayers. … more


New Evidence Government Dependence Isn’t Working

Population shift to less restrictive states Click Here for Details


Ed Schultz thinks GOP is afraid of a lackluster TV host? Click Here for Story

US Ties Its Own Hands…Again

Pentagon cannot go after Benghazi attackers Click Here for Details

Attorney General Can’t Keep Away from Racism

   Wants race quotas in school discipline Click Here for Story

Military Purge or Legitimate Problem?

  Cheating and drugs alleged in US Nuclear force Click Here for Details

Truant in Chief

  Obama missed many intelligence briefs prior to Benghazi Click Here for Story

Calling Out His Own

 Independent and former Democrat Senator says Dems have had no credible foreign policy Click Here for Details


Oprah, Redford and Hanks snubbed at Oscars Click Here for Story

Cable Competition

   Phone/Internet providers want alternative tv to cable Click Here for Details

Forcing Their Hand

  GOP leadership questions got more Benghazi info released Click Here for Story


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