Friday January 17, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Senator Schumer Playing Politics

Image result for senator schumer Graham says Schumer is just on a power grab? Click Here for Details


Feds finally investigating criminal behavior by Rep Ilhan Omar? Click Here for Story

Without Context, Water Use Claims Are Misleading (Million? Billion? Trillions?)

Water use debate often occurs in an information vacuum

A Good Economy Means More State Revenue Without a Tax Hike

Whether this revenue will go to lawmakers’ highest priority is a different question

Official Impeachment Trial Starts

Senate receives articles from House Click Here for Details

More Deepstate Shenanigans?

GAO announces report on Ukraine same day as impeachment starts? Click Here for Details

But OMB Disagrees

Management and Budget says Ukraine hold was perfectly legal Click Here for Story

Pelosi Celebrates Impeachment Scam

 Celebration and commemorative pens? Click Here for Details

Import 3rd World Become 3rd World

Mass immigration from middle east has led to child sex trafficking ? Click Here for Story

Thank You Jeff

former attorney general jeff sessionsJeff Sessions tells Republicans to get tough in defending POTUS Click Here for Details

What’s Happening in Russia?

Russian Parliament Installs Mikhail Mishustin As Prime Minister Government resigns? Click Here for Story

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