Friday January 25, 2019

Senate Gets Chance to End Shutdown

Without Democrats help it will go nowhere Click Here for Story

Michigan Employment Up, Food Stamps Down

No government program can substitute for strong economic growth

New Business Subsidies Authorized in Michigan

Lawmakers overwhelmingly supported corporate welfare

South Korean Betrayal?

New report says South Korea may have been secretly selling fuel to North Korea? Click Here for Story

Cohen Subpoenaed

Cohen subpoenaed to testify before Senate Intel: report Decline to testify Click Here for Story

Art of the Deal

Is POTUS finding a way to beat the Dems at their obstruction? Click Here for Details

Trump Economy

Job numbers best since 1969? Click Here for Story

Ocasio-Cortez is a Fascist?

Stalin and Hitler promised the same things as AOC Click Here for Story

How About That London?

Man chases people through Mall with an axe Click Here for Story


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