Friday July 12, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Louisiana Flooding

!st tropical storm of the season aiming at Louisiana Click Here for Story

A2 Goes All in for Political Correctness

Hires Racial Equity officer Click Here for Details

Bill Would Ban Naming Roads After Politicians

The honor would be limited to fallen service members and first responders

Not Much Difference Between Current Corporate Handouts and Recliner Subsidies

Slouching towards subsidies

Ummm Its Called Weather

Meteorologist hits AOC with facts Click Here for Story

A RINO Story

Paul Ryan was never a conservative for the people just a deep state elitist? Click Here for Story

DOW Jumps

Fed chair testimony fuels positive market Click Here for Details

Lawless Democrats

 Speaker Pelosi urges illegals to not cooperate with ICE Click Here for Story

Trump Right Again

No Tariff inflation in June report Click Here for Details

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