Friday July 24, 2015

Protecting Our Own

Michigan Open Carry members stand guard at Howell recruitment center Click Here for Details

Bipartisan Reading Bill Not Just ‘Read or Flunk’

State Rep. Amanda Price has prepared legislation with bipartisan support that among other things would hold more students back a grade if they have not attained grade-level proficiency in reading — but only after repeated “intervention” efforts starting as early as kindergarten. The bill has numerous exemptions, including one for special education students. … more

The Rise and Regulation of Craft Beer

  Michiganders aren’t alone in noticing and capitalizing upon the rise of craft brew. Reducing the regulatory burden the state imposes on craft brewers could create even more economic activity and better marketing for the state as a whole.  … more

Congress Voting to Protect America, Obama Promises to Veto It

House passes bill to punish Sanctuary Cities that protect illegals Click Here for Details

Nuclear Arms Race is On in the Middle East

Secretary of State John Kerry with Saudi Arabia's King Salman in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on May 7. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, Pool)Thanks to Obama’s Iranian nuke deal the Saudis will buy nukes Click Here for Story

Trump On a Roll

Trump: 'I think I'll get the nomination'Visit to the border a success for rump Click Here for Details

Didn’t See This on Television Did You?

Thousands protest Iran nuke deal in Times SquareMedia ignores 12,000 plus protestors in New York against Iran Nuke deal Click Here for Story

What the ?

230715APRECRUITphoto01_webArmy sends memo warning recruiters to beware of the Lawful US citizens volunterring to protect them? Click Here for Details

Meanwhile ISIS Brainwashes the Next Generation of Terrorist Islamic Killers

  Child makes Jihadi death threat video Click Here for Story

Boehner Gutless

  Won’t say the GOP will try to defund Planned Parenthood Click Here for Details and Video

Heads in the Sand

Dems won’t admit Planned Parenthood selling aborted baby body parts despite proof Click Here for Story

Time to End GOP?

ap_donald-trump_ap-photo20-640x427GOP establishment want to bar front runner populist Donald Trump from debates Click Here for Details

Ted Cruz Shuts Down Code Pink

Ted Cruz CODEPINKShows hypocritical activist group what they really are Click Here for Story

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