Friday July 27, 2018

Protecting the Deep State?

Speaker Ryan does not want to enforce Congressional authority Click Here for Story and Video

Most Cities Require Rental Registrations – This One Gets Personal

Warren strikes out at landlord refusing to submit driver’s license number of herself and tenants

Detroit’s Per-Resident Revenue Sharing Haul More Than Double Most Other Towns’

Dem governor candidate complains revenue sharing is hurting Detroit

Ahhh, Still Love Socialism?

Venezuela tries to combat crippling inflation by removing five zeroes from currencyVenezuela’s latest move for its failing economy Click Here for Story

Deep State Jeff

Sessions defends Rosenstein amid House GOP impeachment push MIA AG Sessions now wants to defend scurrilous Rosenstein? Click Here for Details

Facebook Bungle

Shareholders call for ouster of Zuckerberg? Click Here for Story

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