Friday July 6, 2018

US UK Trade

A good fit for Britain and the US Click Here for Story and Video

Legislature Approves New Business Subsidies

 Lawmakers approved a new budget containing $162 million in new business subsidies.  … more

From the Science Side…

IMG_0629Say hello to Cheetah bot Click Here for Story and Video

Michigan Public Sector Salaries Have Increased Every Year Since 2001

The average public sector salary in Michigan has increased every year since 2001, going from $36,405 in 2001 to $53,551 in 2017. … more

Can Colbeck Do It?

MI-Gov: Conservative state Sen. Patrick Colbeck predicts he’ll pull off major upset in GOP primaryCan GOP candidate pull of an upset in Michigan Click Here for Story and Video

Chucky Wants Favor?

Schumer privately asked Trump to nominate Merrick Garland to Supreme Court: report Senator Schumer privately asked POTUS to nominate Merrick Garland for SCOTUS? Click Here for Details

Facebook is Pathetically Un-American?

Flags Declaration of Independence as hate speech? Click Here for Details

Wasting More Money

Mueller expands and hires more help for his phony Russian collusion investigation Click Here for Story

Christianity Under Attack

Christian farmers in Nigeria told to surrender their land Click Here for Details

Open Borders Not Wanted

Majority of Americans DO NOT WANT open borders Click Here for Story

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