Friday June 12, 2015

Drug Cartels are Here?

Heroin deaths are attributable to drug cartels at work in area? Click Here for Story

High Taxes Promote Black Market Cigarettes in Bordering State

Cigarette smuggling is on the rise thanks to high taxes that can vary by as much as $6 a pack from state to state. … more

EPA Threatens Americans

Photo - EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. (AP Photo)  Don’t take this dictatorial threat lightly Click Here for Story

Truth Hurts

B(Fox News) altimore’s Mosby gets angry when confronted with her actions Click Here for Details and Video

Some GOP on the Wrong Side of Obama Trade

  Giving fast track powers to Obama is a mistake that may not be undone Click Here for Story

Congressional Transparency Under Attack?

Is Congressman Paul Ryan channeling his inner Nancy Pelosi on Obama Trade Click Here for Details and Video

The Facts about Iran

  Iran has full intentions of getting nuclear armed ICBMs Click Here for Story

5 Reasons Not to Want Obama Trade

UPI  Get educated on this trade nightmare Click Here for Details and Video

IS Greece the First Domino?

International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde. (Reuters/Mladen Antonov) Will failure to reach debt agreement with Greece start the topplling? Click Here for Story

Chinese War Toys

Screenshot from Chinese television report on a U.S. Army hypersonic vehicle  New high speed missiles Click Here for Details

Micro Aggression Nonsense

Some schools ban asking fellow students where they are from Click Here for Story

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