Friday June 2, 2017

Yes! We’re Out!

President Donald Trump announces his decision for the United States to pull out of the Paris climate agreement in the Rose Garden at the White House. Trump puts America first as he pulls out of Paris Accord Click Here for Story

Sore Loser

Clinton beats a dead horse over her election loss Click Here for Story and Video

$94K Teacher Complains Salary ‘Stagnant’ at the Top

 A teacher complained that he hasn’t received a raise in 10 years in an article in the Detroit Free Press. The article didn’t say he made $94,000 a year or that the teacher was on the negotiating team that agreed to that union contract. … more

Swiss Censorship

Swiss court fines man for ‘liking’ ‘unseemly’ Facebook posts Swiss fine man for liking certain facebook posts? Click Here for Story

Comey to Testify Next Week

Will he perjure himself? Click Here for Details and Video


This year’s meeting is in Virginia Click Here for Story

No Embassy Move

 Just a delay or has Trump decided not to move the US embassy to Jerusalem? Click  Here for Details

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