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What Comes Next?

Image result for drone shot down Iran shoots down US drone, what will happen next? Click Here for Story

Criminals Coming

Image result for border immigration 1500 criminals within the latest two caravans? Click Here for Story


GOP leader thinks Michigan Dems calling for impeachment will not do well in 2020? Click Here for Details

State Data Doesn’t Support Newspaper’s Dire Report On Bridges

Fewer bridges are in ‘poor’ shape and more are in ‘fair’ shape

Growth Fuels Budget Priorities in House and Senate Budgets

Real Cuts to Corporate Welfare on the Table

Democrats Hate Facts

Rep Louie Gohmert states facts of Democrats being the party of slavery at reparation hearings Click Here for Story and Video

Christian Victory

Image result for cross will stay scotus SCOTUS rules cross can stay at Memorial fo WW I vets on state land Click Here for Story and Video

Democrat Fears

Trump is causing gains with Minorities for the GOP? Click Here for Details

Biden Problems Grows

Image result for biden and son china Son’s dealings in Ukraine and China will be a problem for the ex VP Click Her for Story



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