Friday June 27, 2014

HIV on the Rise in Washtenaw

Highest rate since 2008 Click Here for Story

Brighton Teachers OK Contract

5 year contract without seniority Click Here for Details

Select Business Subsidies, Endorsements Are Differences In 37th District Senate GOP Primary

State Representatives Wayne Schmidt and Greg MacMaster face off

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Among the issues that separate the candidates in the race for the 37th District State Senate seat are votes on Medicaid expansion and what should be done with the Michigan Economic Development Corp. … more

Schools Getting $377 Million More For Retiree Benefits But Officials Still Complaining About ‘Cuts’

Time for district officials to get serious about fixing teacher pension system

By James M. Hohman |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

School district officials are wrong on two counts when they complain about education “cuts.” Not only will they be getting increases in state funding, but they will also be receiving close to $400 million more to pay for employee pensions. … more

Obama Overstepped Constitutional Boundary

SCOTUS rules against Obama’s alleged appointments Click Here for Story

Shocking Lois Lerner Email?

  Some emails she wished were lost Click Here for Details

Big Reward for Lerner’s Lost Emails

Is this what it comes to in keeping our government in check? Click Here for Story

Not So Popular

hillary hard choices   Hillary’s new book panned…by Amazon buyers or lack of Click Here for Details

What Will The Payback Be?

Hillary made a secret deal with Huma to keep Weiner quiet Clinton’s cut deal to keep Anthony Weiner quiet? Click Here for Story

Model of Inefficiency

GAO says Medicaid made huge payments improperly Click Here for Details


   Al Gore sells out his own carbon game plan Click Here for Story

Cell Phone Privacy

SCOTUS rules cops can’t search cell phones without warrants Click Here for Details

This Isn’t Going to Work

90% of illegals skip[ court appearance Click Here for Story

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