Friday June 28, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Getting Border Bill Done?

Pelosi working with McConnell? Click Here for Story

Confusion at DHS

Who was leaking ICE raid information? Click Here for Details

Would SCOTUS Ruling on Gerrymandering Affect Michigan?

will 2020 election be affected Click Here for Story

Schools Prefer Fewer Democratic Dollars To More Republican Ones?

Higher praise for Whitmer’s smaller increase than for larger hike Snyder approved

Overselling Whitmer’s Education Budget

Increase in line with years past, not ‘game-changing’ and ‘historic’

Census Delay

With SCOTUS ruling needing more info POTUS seeks delay in census questionnaire? Click Here for Details

More on Census Ruling

Get the Details

AOC and the Radicals Lose

Furious is an understatement Click Here for Details


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