Friday June 29, 2017

Scrambling for Healthcare Votes

McConnell negotiating big  changes to get healthcare votes Click Here for Details

Silly Commissioners

Trying to stop the Rover pipeline is just silly Click Here for Story

Loophole Could Make State’s Open Records Law a Dead Letter

  Nearly two months have passed since the state of Michigan received a Freedom of Information Act request for documents related to the school pension system.  … more

City Emails: Christian Farmer’s Facebook Post Led to Ban From East Lansing Market

 A Facebook post pronouncing a Charlotte farm family’s opposition to hosting same-sex marriages in a facility they operate caused the City of East Lansing to deny their participation in the city’s Farmer’s Market this year.  … more

Syria Heeded Warning?

Mattis: White House warning to Syria prevented another chemical attackDid Trump Admin warning to Syria stop a chemical attack? Click Here for Story

Extreme Vetting IS Happening

Quietly yes but it is moving forward Click Here for Details

Sunscreen Because of Computers?

IS the radiation from your phone and computer screen just as bad as sun? Click Here for Story

Mexican Heroin Production

  Huge cultivation of poppies for Heroin trade Click Here for Details

Neutralize Zucker?

AT&T puts pressure on CNN Click Here for Story

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