Friday June 8, 2018

Hold Them Responsible

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Trump Admin presses DOJ on Wasserman-Schultz/Awan investigation Click Here for Story

Prevailing Wage Repealed in Michigan

 Will this save taxpayers money? Click Here for Details

Which Party Gives More In Taxpayer Funded Corporate Handouts?

 Handing taxpayers’ cash to corporations and developers is widely practiced by both parties within Michigan’s political class. … more

Study Links Catholic Education and Self-Discipline

A new study suggests that Michigan’s loss of Catholic schools may negatively affect students’ opportunities to learn and demonstrate the important trait of self-control.  … more

Nokos Destroy Missile Test Site

North Korea destroys missile testing site ahead of summit with Trump Good sign ahead of summit? Click Here for Story

Get Rid of Ryan

Lameduck speaker is hurting the GOP agenda Click Here for Details and Video

Flying Car

Google getting ready for new service? Click Here for Story

Lower Utilities

Trump Tax cuts are saving Americans money Click Here for Details and Video

Freed Alice

POTUS commutes sentence of a grand mother who served 21 years Click Here for Details and Video

Dirty John

McCainRussian lobbyist says he saw Senator JOhn McCain at a Russian “Pee” Dossier meeting Click Here for Details

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