Friday March 1, 2019

No Deal

President Trump abruptly ended talks with Kim Jong-un in Hanoi on Thursday, telling reporters that the North Korean leader had demanded that all sanctions be lifted in return for only getting rid of part of his nuclear stockpile, so he walked awayTrump walks away from unreasonable North Korean deal Click Here for Story

Rat Fink Cohen Proven A Liar Again

Video contradicts yesterday’s Cohen testimony Click Here for Story

Average Teacher Pay In Highest-Paying School District: $81,168

Walled Lake and Utica districts keep top two positions for another year


Planned Parenthood Doctor says they would break the neck of a baby born after a botched abortion Click Here for Story

Traitorous Senators

Senators unveil resolution to block Trump’s emergency declaration  Dems and some Republicans plan to prevent POTUS from securing the border via the National Emergency Click Here for Details

New Green Deal= Communism

Communism disguised as environmental justice Click Here for Story


8 times Cohen testimony actually cleared POTUS Click Here for Details


 Senate bill to force children to accept the climate scam Click Here for Story



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