Friday March 27, 2015

 Breaking: Obama Gives Iran Nuke Clearance

Deal done with Iran as Obama clears way for Iran to get the bomb Click Here for Details

Poor Cities’ School Districts Receive the Most Funding

   By TOM GANTERT | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

In Michigan, poverty at home doesn’t translate into a poorly-funded classroom. … more

Outrageous! Obama Considers Yemen a Success?

Why Obama calls Yemen a success   You won’t believe this attempt to spin Click Here for Details

German Wings Pilot Intentionally Crashed Plane

APTOPIX France Plane Crash  But the question remains…Why? Click Here for Story

Obama Revenge?

Another outrage from the Obama Admin on Israel Click Here for Story

Hillary Emailgate Won’t Go Away

Even backers want answers Click Here for Details

The Disgraceful Lies of the Bergdhal Swap

Image result for bergdahl   Obama Admin was wrong on all fronts Click Here for Story

Troops in Your Town?

Image result for troops in civilian areas  Maybe maybe not as Pentagon downplays training exercises emailgate, hillaryClick Here for Details

Hypocrites By Any Name

An armed man gestures as he stands on the rubble of houses destroyed by an air strike near Sanaa Airport March 26, 2015. (Reuters / Khaled Abdullah)  Russian and Iran cry foul in Saudi attacks on Yemen? Click Here for Details

Ahhh Teddy

Image result for ted kennedy   Obama Admin honors Ted Kennedy Click Here for Story

Obama Admin Tried to Stop Bergdahl Charges

More hiding of facts and pressure from the Obama crew Click Here for Details

Explosion in New York

View image on Twitter  Building collapses after unknown explosion Click Here for Story

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